1a. Account customer invoices are due and payable strictly 30 days after statement date and a Certificate signed by Precision International Pty Ltd (Precision) shall be conclusive proof of amounts due and payable, together with interest thereon, as at the date of such Certificate.

1b. Where payment is not made on any invoice within these terms all amounts outstanding on all invoices shall become immediately due and payable by the buyer

1c. Interest will be charged on all outstanding invoices not paid within 30 days at a flat rate of 2% per month until the invoice has been paid in full.

2a. All goods, unless otherwise requested, are not insured and are the responsibility of the buyer upon leaving Precision's premises.

2b. All goods dispatched via the client’s courier method are uninsured unless other arrangements have been at the expense of the purchaser made prior to the dispatch of any goods at the expense of the purchaser.

3a. All goods are deemed to be the responsibility of the purchaser upon leaving Precision’s premises.

3b. It is expressly agreed that property in the goods to which this invoice relates shall not pass to the buyer until such time as the goods to which this invoice relates, and all other goods supplied by Precision to the buyer, have been paid in full. Ownership of the goods passes upon payment in full being made.

3c. Until property in the good to which this invoice relates passes to the buyer, the buyer will store the goods separately from other goods, and Precision may at any time recover the goods and may enter upon the buyer's premises or any other premises, at the buyer's risk and cost, by its servants or agents for that purpose.

4a. Any goods returned for credit must be in the original packaging and in a saleable condition, accompanied by the original invoice number, date of purchase and reason for return.

4b. Any goods showing an item that has been specially manufactured and/or procured is not returnable for credit under any circumstances.

4c. The amount of all goods returned for credit must be included in payment as per trading terms. All deductions for credits will be initiated from the warehouse from which the goods were purchased and then credited to the applicable account as processed.

4d. No goods shall be returnable for credit more than 30 days from the invoice date, except under extenuating circumstances and by prior arrangement with the management of Precision.

4e. All returns will incur a 10% restocking fee.

5a. Every effort is made by Precision to ensure all goods are supplied as ordered. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure the suitability of all parts for the desired application.

5b. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure the manufacturers fitting instructions and/or specifications as indicated are adhered to, so as not to void the product warranty.

5c. Parts used in competition, race or non-standard applications carry no warranty.

5d. Parts modified to suit any other application other than originally intended carry no warranty.

5e. It is suggested that the product warranty conditions of Precision be perused prior to any purchase. Precision’s warranty policy is hereby provided to you and displayed on its website.

6a. By accepting goods from Precision you grant permission for Precision to use any personal data collected during the transaction in accordance to their privacy policy and for future marketing.

6b. By accepting goods from Precision you grant permission to subscribe you to their electronic database mailout list.

7a. If you do not accept any part of Precision’s trading terms and conditions, return all goods, at the purchaser's expense, for credit immediately upon receipt.

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